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Is your small business struggling to reach its full potential?

You see the potential but can't seem to close the gaps

Many small businesses face challenges that hinder growth and success. Whether it's leadership issues, strategy gaps, culture issues, or team dynamics, these obstacles can feel overwhelming.

We Can Help:

At Blueroot Leadership Development, we specialize in helping small business owners and leaders identify and overcome these barriers. Our customized programs are designed to unlock your business's full potential and grow your business the right way.

About Us 

We believe stronger culture and leadership are the key to helping your small business thrive and achieve your goals. 

Our Mission: Accelerating Idaho's small businesses through stronger culture and leadership.

Our Approach:  Always a customized plan, engaging and practical training, and personalized coaching for every leader to deliver lasting results.

Meet the Team: Get to know the experts behind Blueroot Leadership Development here.

Stronger leaders are the key to breakthrough culture and performance

Companies with strong leaders generate impressive results: 

  • 2X the revenue growth and 1.8X the profit of their competitors (Boston Consulting Group)
  • 36% improvement in productivity (DDI)
  • 77% lower turnover (DDI)

The quality of your leaders is the # 1 factor in your company's long term success (Gallup).

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Unlock Your Business’s Potential With
Custom Leadership and Culture Development

We take a comprehensive, tailored approach to help you achieve lasting success:

  1. Initial Consultation: We work with you to understand your vision, strategy, desired outcomes, and the root cause(s) of any gaps.
  2. Tailored Development Plan: Together we create a customized leadership and culture plan to deliver your desired outcomes.
  3. Engaging Workshops: We teach your leaders practical skills and best practices to deliver your desired outcomes.
  4. Ongoing One-on-One Coaching: All leaders receive monthly 1:1 coaching to support deeper learning and lasting behavioral change.
  5. Progress Evaluation: We monitor progress to ensure continuous, lasting improvement on the outcomes that matter most to you.
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What people say about working with us

Jimmy H.

Founder and Executive Director

I cannot begin to describe how impactful working with Steve Robertson has been on my leadership journey.

Our work together changed the way I lead and elevated my organization as a whole. I wish I could go back in time and get started sooner!

Jenn L.

Marketing Leader

Steve Robertson's leadership program helped us evolve our company to the next level and made a big, positive difference in our team dynamics. 

I'm now able to create much more open dialogue to solve problems with the team, and the team is excited about the changes we've implemented.

Asi O.

Operations Leader

Our leadership training with Steve Robertson significantly improved my confidence and the overall effectiveness of my team. 

My team loves the clarity I’ve been able to implement with them and my relationships with my team members have improved as well.

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