Does your company need a leadership development plan?

We all know that leaders and leadership plays a huge role in the success of our organizations. Gallup research tells us that 70% or more of a team's engagement and performance ties back to the quality of their manager. 

Given the outsized importance of strong leaders, there should be little doubt about the need for leadership development plans in most organizations. 

But if you or other leaders in your organization are on the fence about the value of leadership development, please consider these five questions: 

  1. Does every leader in your organization understand what’s expected of them in terms of their leadership behavior, practices, and their contribution to organizational culture? How well are they following through on these expectations?
  2. Are senior leaders providing the clear direction, inspiration, culture, accountability, communication, and the coaching and mentoring of mid-level and front-line leaders that your organization needs? Do senior leaders have any blind spots that are getting in the way of their leadership effectiveness?
  3. Have any of your leaders been recently promoted into new and higher levels of leadership responsibility. This includes front-line supervisors, first-time managers, and promotions into more senior leadership roles.
  4. How strong are your leaders at the most important dimensions of team leadership and management? These include: setting an inspiring direction, clear goals and measures, employee ownership and accountability, coaching, feedback, recognition, high quality 1:1 meetings, fostering a positive and healthy team climate, and developing their people
  5. Do changes in your organizational focus, strategy, or structure require new and different ways of leading? Do you have the leadership capability to lead and execute these changes?

If any of these questions suggest that your organization would benefit from stronger leadership development, please reach out for a free consultation. We can walk you through different options and create the right plan for your specific needs.

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