Leadership Essentials
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You need strong, capable leaders at every level.

Equip your leaders with the essential skills they need to lead fully aligned, inspired, and high-performing teams.

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Increase Confidence


Strengthen Performance


Improve Results


The quality of your leaders accounts for more than 70% of your employees' engagement and performance.*


Despite this, many leaders don't receive the training they need.

                                                                                                                                                                            *Source: Gallup

Do your leaders struggle with any of these essential leadership skills? 

  • Setting an inspiring direction for the team

  • Fostering ownership and accountability

  • Providing constructive feedback

  • Providing meaningful recognition

  • Facilitating meaningful one-on-one meetings

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Coaching for performance and development

  • Resolving conflict

  • Turning around performance issues

  • Leadership communication

  • Driving strategic alignment and collaboration 

Don't let gaps in your organization's leadership threaten your success.

We're experts at developing strong, confident, high-impact leaders.

We can help you close any gaps easily and permanently.


Much more than your typical training - 

Our programs deliver lasting behavior change and impact.


Multiple Sessions

'One and done' trainings simply don't work. That's why our programs feature multiple learning sessions per topic to provide the repetition and reinforcement your leaders need for truly sticky learning. 

On the Job Practice

Participants in our programs practice and apply what they are learning back on the job. This deliberate practice is designed into every program so your leaders develop real skill and expertise that lasts.


Individual Coaching Support

Every participant in our group training programs receives individualized 1:1 coaching to personalize their learning journey and ensure they have the support they need to develop lasting skills and practices. 

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Client Testimonial

I recently attended leadership training with Steve Robertson. The workshops were very engaging and insightful, and in just a short amount of time we had the opportunity to build skills, practice a framework, and reflect on real life scenarios. 

I especially appreciate Steve's attentiveness to each participant in the sessions, and his ability to provide an inviting space to learn and grow. I am grateful for the support of Blueroot Leadership Development, and look forward to building my skills with them further!

Sophie Hackett
Development Associate, Idaho Conservation League

We've successfully trained leaders at these and other organizations.

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What do your leaders need?


Choose from these popular topics

(custom programs available - ask us how)


  • Inspiring and motivating your team

  • Fostering ownership and accountability

  • Turning around performance issues

  • Coaching fundamentals

  • Advanced coaching

  • Providing constructive feedback that works

  • Meaningful one-on-one meetings

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Resolving conflict

  • Leadership communication

  • Driving alignment within the organization
    (for senior leaders)

Program Pricing

  • Programs start at $4,999 per development topic.
  • Pricing includes:
  • 2 workshops (2 hours each); typically delivered 3-4 weeks apart to reinforce learning and application.
  • 2 individual 1:1 coaching sessions (60 minutes each) for up to 8 participants to provide personalized support.
  • 1 hour briefing with supervisors of program participants to support reinforcement and internal coaching.
  • Workbooks with tools and resources for each participant
  • Additional participants can be added for $699 per person.
  • A discount of 10% will be applied when three or more development topics are ordered at the same time.

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Meet with us to determine the best coaching program for your goals.

Step 3

Begin your coaching program and achieve your goals.

Leaders aren't born; they're developed - but only with the right kind of development.

Contrary to popular belief, leadership isn't something that some people are born with and others aren't. Leadership is a set of learnable skills and mindsets that can be developed through the right kind of learning and development experiences.

Unfortunately, many leadership development programs fall short because they aren't designed to deliver long term changes in behavior. They may deliver entertaining experiences within the workshop, but little of the learning transfers back to the real world. Very quickly, old habits and ways of thinking, leading, and communicating re-emerge. The result? Wasted time and money, leaders who lack what it takes to lead truly aligned, inspired, and high-performing teams, and no improvement in team performance or results. 

Our programs are different because they are designed with long term behavior change and habit formation in mind. Your leaders will have a great experience in our workshops and learn new skills, new ways of thinking, and high-impact leadership practices. But more importantly, they will be supported through a strategic learning and development process that includes multiple learning sessions and individual 1:1 coaching. The result? Lasting changes in leadership thinking and practice, more confident and effective leadership, and more engaged and higher performing teams. 

Our founder, Dr. Steve Robertson's background includes a Ph.D. in Education Leadership, deep expertise in adult learning, teaching, facilitation, and coaching, and more than 13 years designing and delivering high-impact leadership development programs at Hewlett Packard, Boise State's MBA program, and other leading organizations.

Who you hire to develop your leaders matters. We have what it takes to equip your leaders with the essential - and enduring - skills and practices they need to take your organization to the next level and beyond.

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About your trainers

Steve Robertson, Ph.D. has been designing and delivering engaging and high-impact leadership training for more than 13 years. Steve led global leadership development programs at Hewlett Packard, leadership development programs at St. Luke's Health System (Idaho's largest health system), and was a highly rated adjunct professor of leadership in Boise State University's MBA program. Participants in Steve's leadership workshops praise his ability to deliver engaging and memorable learning experiences, create a safe and welcoming learning environment, and his transformational coaching.

Steve also brings relatable, real-world leadership experience having led at all levels from front-line supervisor to C-suite executive.

Susan Dahl-Robertson, M.A. is a talented presenter and facilitator who has designed and delivered Gallup CliftonStrengths based leadership programs for clients from across a variety of industries. Susan is known for her warm and engaging style, highly effective individual coaching, and ability to weave individual and group coaching moments throughout the workshop learning experience.

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